June 2022 Newsletter

May Wrap Up

The first Thursday in May saw 9 Drifters saddle up for a ride to Duck Creek. Well, 4 were in saddles and the rest in cages. Don brought his bride in the Mustang. Corvette Bill was in his ‘Vette and we met Dave and Lynn with their Mustang at the park in Cedar City. From there we all traveled up to Duck Creek for a tasty lunch at Aunt Sues. After lunch the bikers continued on 14 to 89, gassed up at Carmel Junction and back through Zion. While traveling through Zion we ran into one of the largest herds of mountain sheep that I’ve seen to date. Two big rams on the left side of the road and about 20+ ewes and kids on the right side. That was a real plus to an already great ride. During our ride we went from 72, to 52 with snow still on the ground, to 84 back home. I say one thing you get to see it all when you ride in Utah. 

Thursday the 12th. Last week it was warn so we rode to the Mountains. This week Mother Nature turned the thermostat down, so we rode south to Mesquite. Surprise it wasn’t much warmer in Mesquite. cold, hot and windy, hot, cold, and windy. Never know what to expect. There were only 3 bikes and the Billy ‘Vette. We had breakfast at the Wolf Creek golf course then rode home. Some went over ole’ 91 and some ripped up the gorge!

It’s already the 3rd Thursday and its BIG winds and cold. The consensus was not to ride. But Ron Anderson didn’t get the message, so he showed up with a new neighbor Mike Fossenkemper. Mike lives in Brio and rides a BMW. Then on Friday, Don Quayle and I decided to ride up to Linsky’s in Kanarraville for breakfast.  Big mistake, the headwind was so bad that we couldn’t maintain speed on I-15 and it was cold. But the breakfast was great and we had a tail wind going home.   

The last ride of the month. We met at our regular place and I was surprised to see 3 new riders. John Spencer on his Spyder was there, one of our new Prospects, Vicky Barrett, showed up on her HD Sportster, and Ron Anderson brought his new Brio neighbor Mike. In all we started out with 10 riders. We decided to go to Panguitch via 14, the recently open SR 148, and 143 ( I love the twisties). We had lunch at the  newly named Cedar Breaks Grill, AKA Big Fish recommend by Tom Fabio.  Tom was already at the restaurant when the group pulled in and recommended the Burgers. His recommendation was spot on.

The weather, on our outbound trek, was perfect. Even with traces of snow along 148, a light jacket was enough. More on the ride home latter!

After lunch, some went east and some went west. Ron, the new Mike, and I, went back 143 to the Mammoth Cave turn off to head to Duck Creek.  First time for me to take this route and more twisties.  One of the highlights was the sighting of a large herd of Antelope grazing in one of the many meadows. From Duck Creek to Cedar City was great.  But back on the road at Cedar it was head winds, and as we passed Leeds, at 4:00 pm, the temperature rose to a blistering 102.  Ron and the new Mike exited off at Brio and I rode on home in the bast furnace. 

After lunch, the remainder of our group went down 89 to Cane Beds Road and home through Colorado City, and just like my trip home, it was 100+ degrees for them also.

Until We Ride Again

The Prez 


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