September 2023 Newsletter

First I want to apologize for the misunderstanding about the Sedona/Jerome Drifter trip.
It appears that I wasn’t clear about having those who planned to go let me know they had
gotten a room and were participating.
Dawn put out two reminders about the trip but I didn’t specifically request RSVPs.
When I didn’t hear from anyone and Dawn also hadn’t received any confirmations I asked
her to cancel the trip for lack of interest. As I look back I could have been more helpful.
Imagine my consternation when David called and informed me that several people
were planning on going. He volunteered to organize the group and lead the ride.
Of course I thanked him profusely since I had cancelled my room and had made other plans.
I guess I’m the goat for all this and I don’t mean “The greatest of all time”!
The good news is that our weather is improving and the rains have abated for now. Of 
course this means temps are heading up again but at least we will stay dry!
September usually means the end of the extreme heat and fall comes in about mid month.
The weather for Sedona and Jerome should be nice. Pissed I screwed up and now can’t go



PS  I didn’t make a mess of the trip on purpose so no one will ask me to do another……..Honest!