October 2023 Newsletter

October Monthly Newsletter

Of course the biggest decisions you’ll have to make in October is what are you going to be for Halloween and now that the weather will be changing soon, what will you wear on our Drifter rides?
In fact our Drifter Jacob Lake Thursday ride was perhaps the last “perfect” day of the 2023 riding season. Of course we Drifters ride year ’round, weather permitting, but we’ll have to bundle up to enjoy the rides.

One issue that needs to be addressed is our group ride policy. I’ve heard concerns from the membership that our group rides disintegrate when we are ready to ride home. We’ve discussed this over the years but we need to review it again.

Drifter policy has always been that we ride together to our destination and provide a group ride home as well. We of course allow for those who need to get back quickly or just enjoy going on home at their own pace with out the constraints of group riding. BUT, we need to provide a leader to bring home the folks who want to continue group riding. If you are leading the group out then it’s your responsibility to appoint someone to lead the group home. Remember, there may be riders who aren’t sure of the route home or are new to our club and are dismayed when they are deserted and left to fend for themselves. Remember, that some folks decide to ride with a club because they are seeking people to ride WITH!!!!!

Ride leaders are expected to ride at reasonable speeds.This means the speed limit or maybe five MPH over. Remember, not all riders are comfortable with excessive speeds or just prefer to take more time to smell the roses. The group shouldn’t have to be out of their comfort zone on any ride. 

I have a lot of experience with club group riding as a leader and as just part of the group. The quickest way to lose club members or lose prospective members is to have sloppy undisciplined rides.

Moving on to other topics, I would like to congratulate Webmistress Dawn and treasurer Lynne for planning the excellent Drifter Dinners at Rusty’s Ranch House up in Cedar Canyon. We usually have twenty plus attendees and have a great time. If any member would like to plan a monthly dinner just contact Dawn.  

We also continue to meet for FREE coffee Saturday mornings at Zion Harley. All makes of bikes are welcome so come on out! We meet usually from 10:30 t0 11:00 AM.