March 2023 Newsletter


Yes, we will soon be cursing the summer heat and now praying for Spring but for now…….BRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
We have had a few days we could ride our sleds (sleds takes on real meaning lately) and get in much needed therapy rides in but for the most part southern Utah has offered little in motorcycle Nirvana. The good news is that we had a productive Drifter annual business meeting last month and we are financially flush due to finally upping our annual dues after no increase for at least twenty years!

Besides inflation playing “Old Harry” with prices, a drop in membership over the years has decreased our purchasing power for things like our annual Christmas party which the club subsidizes part of the expense. Because of Covid and a loss of a venue our annual BBQ held at bucolic Brookside hasn’t been held and the club paid for the meat and picnic supplies the in past. We plan to revive the BBQ this year. We will also plan a Drifter picnic with the club providing at least the ants! It’s been suggested we plan for some new Drifter tee shirts and maybe hats to be available with the club springing for part of the cost. We want members to see that they are getting something for their dues money.

It was suggested at the business meeting that we wear our colors at our rides and events so patches will continue to be available for those who want to purchase them. We have large and small Drifter patches. The club paid for the original set up fee for the patches and gives free small ones to new members. The club pays part of your cost for patches too. What we need now is some clubbies to step up to organize and carry out some of these activities.

Once the weather breaks in our favor we can be ready to enjoy some of these activities!
For now, remember our Thursday rides and our donuts and coffee and lunch rides at the Harley shop Saturdays are ongoing. Watch for Thursday ride announcements
sent out each week. If the weather sucks a cage run to lunch is sometimes offered. 


See you out there!  

PS This is St. Patrick’s Day month!  How about some corn beef and cabbage and green beer? Maybe a friendly fist fight out back?
     Would someone be willing to sponsor a St. Pat’s event for the club? If you would we would kiss you whether you’re Irish or not!     Let Dawn know.