May 2024 Newsletter

May Drifters President’s Message

Let me start off with apologies for the lateness of this message, My wife Marilyn’s mother passed away early this week so our schedules got a little disrupted. 

As I write this message, we are finishing loading the motorhome and getting ready to head out on our annual trip to Lake Havasu for my Birthday.

I know a lot of you are preparing to head to Kanab for today’s ride and some great food, wish I was going, but I’m going to enjoy the very warm temps in Havasu.

We had some pretty awesome rides this month, we went to Page, Jacob Lake, Caliente (almost), Caliente finally. Big thanks to David and the ride committee and their awesome planning of these rides.

We have several new members this month, my neighbors John and Denise Tsutsui joined. They came to last weeks dinner at La Fonda and John has already been on a couple of rides. John was considering selling his Harley until I introduced him to our group and he changed his mind when he met this fine group of riders. Jeff and Julie Zornow joined us after being invited to ride to Caliente with us. Rumor has it that Jeff has a pretty nice Corvette and new member John T met new member Jeff through car shows that they both participate in. It’s been really nice watching the club grow with the new members and I know there are others interested. Please keep inviting friends to ride and attend our events, we need some new story tellers!

It was great to see Dean & Lisa back out after Dean recovered from his leg surgery, he didn’t learn his lesson though, he was right back out playing pickleball again.

Dinner at La Fonda last week was really good and we had a great turn out. This month we are heading up to Rustys Ranch House in Cedar, always a great meal.

Several of us attended the memorial ride for the 3 local riders who were killed by a drunk driver when they were returning from a ride to Vegas. It was an amazing turn out, well over 400 riders celebrating their lives and raising funds for their families.

Upcoming events:

5/4 – International female riders day

5/4 – Stunts, music, & Bbq – Cedar city

5/18 – Ride for Peggy Lynn – Zion Harley

6/8 – Burgers, bands, & bikes – Cedar city

7/11- 7/14 – Old Skool motorcycle rally – Panguitch

7/13 – July Jamboree, Cedar City

7/20 – Burgers, band, & bikes – Cedar City

8/29 – 9/1 – Four corners bike rally – Durango, Colo.

Panguitch Ralley update:

There are still lots of rooms available if you like to come and attend. Rates online are $60 and up. We will have a Drifters bbq on that Saturday for everyone who would like to attend.

Have a great day, and I’ll see everyone after Havasu!