May 2023 Newsletter


Looks like Spring has sprung!!!! Suddenly things are looking much better for DRIFTER rides and activities. Temps are predicted to reach almost 90 degrees
by May 1st. I’m ready to ditch my flannel lined jeans (and drawers) and mothball my heated jacket liner. I actually got my wrists sunburned my last time
out because I forgot I needed to cover up exposed body parts in the brighter sun! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its time to drag out that sled and come out and join your DRIFTER clubbies for a mental health cruise to somewhere inspiring. You can meet up for one 
of our weekly Thursday rides or join us for coffee at Saturdays hang out, kick tires, tell lies, and bullsh-t sessions at Zion Harley. We show up at Zion
between 10:30 and 11:00 AM and usually go for a putt to lunch somewhere here in spectacular southern Utah, Arizona, or Nevada.
Now that the weather is improving we are beginning to have more destinations open to us. Be sure to check out your machine well if you haven’t been
riding much so far this year. Especially air up those skins and put some fresh joy juice (Let’s go Branden!) in your tank! PETA will appreciate chasing out
any wildlife that has made a home in your tailpipes before your firing up your scooter!
On the social side, DRIFTERS had a great monthly dinner on Saturday, April 22nd. Fifteen DRIFTERS and guests had a swell evening at Milt’s Stage Stop
up in Cedar Canyon. A twenty five dollar drawing was held to help some lucky DRIFTER pay towards dinner so they wouldn’t have to stay after to wash 
dishes for Milt. Our treasurer, LYNNE, won the drawing just after pulling the twenty five out of her DRIFTER strongbox. Rumor has it she was seen putting
her winnings BACK into the strongbox rather than having to make a withdrawal entry into our books!
DRIFTERS were thrilled to see Brenda Estrada in attendance. After we lost Art we haven’t seen as much of Brenda since is working fifty hour weeks and
has had a lot of things to settle. She still has her Heritage however and hopefully she’ll join us for a ride soon.
Also, our Margret was there and her pal Kate came too. Kate is a great gal and we’re always glad when she can attend a DRIFTER activity.

See you out there!