June 2023 Newsletter

June has always been a special month for me ever since I was born. My birthday is in June so of course June was special to a small child who learns fast that June has a holiday reserved just for making him happy and presenting him with gifts!

The only negative was that as June approached I had to “be good” so that I could reap all the birthday benefits. When I started school, June was the “get out of jail free card” since when I was in school almost all schools let out in June for summer vacation.
Many songs have been written just about the magic of being out of school for the summer. The Beach Boys had a couple as did other artists. Remember this one? It went….Summer time, summer time, some some summertime, summer time ahhhhh ooooo.

Went I became an educator June still factored large, as again, I had three whole months of “endless summer” to enjoy before they ruined everything with year around school calendars.

So now I am old and retired and you would think that June would lose some of its specialness for me. After all, birthdays aren’t as welcome any more and candles and cakes just don’t do it for me.

HOWEVER…… there is still one thing that makes June a special month! AND THAT IS MOTORCYCLES!!!!!!!
June is when the true riding season begins! SO… Drag out that sled, fire her up, and come out and ride with your Drifter pals! 



PS   I can hardly believe I’ll be 81 this month and still enjoying riding!
      John Marshall is my hero!