July 2023 Newsletter

Well, the Drifter’s June 2023 ended with a fun filled Mexican dinner at La Fonda Mexican Cafe
surprising located in the Coral Canyon Texaco where we also meet up for our summer Drifter
weekly Thursday rides. The restaurant was closed for years for want of a vendor but now they 
have found a winner with La Fonda. The management always accommodates our club and gets 
out great grub and offers excellent service.
It just so happened that our June 28th dinner coincided with my birthday and I was honored with
a serenade of the Happy Birthday song and presented with a thrilling battery operated cakeless
fake candle that couldn’t be blown out for a wish. Thanks president Steve!
I made a wish anyway as I flipped the on/off switch on the bottom of the candle to seal the deal.
Of course a slew of printed “old folks” jokes made their way among the diners and chuckles and 
giggles and even a few guffaws were heard from the gathered.
Thanks to you all for helping me celebrate #81!!!!!!!!!
As you grow older you often think of the glory days of your younger years and enjoy sharing
some of your motorcycle adventures with your riding buddies who also have tales of their own.
One of our more recent riders, Cliff, mentioned to me that he read my account of my 1970
motorcycle adventure across the USA and Canada. It’s on our website for anybody to read.
The original intent of putting out the story was to hopefully encourage other Drifters to write
up their own accounts of exciting motorcycle journeys they did in their distant past when they
first started riding motorcycles. More recent trip write ups would be welcome too!
I’d like to see some more epic M/C quests published on our website. Cliff described a trip he took
through several states covering a lot of miles. Please Cliff, write it up and submit it to our 
webmistress for posting on our site!