February 2023 Newsletter


Well, it’s time to wrap up another year of fun Drifter riding and activities. I enjoyed it, except for that darned cattle guard, and I hope you did too.
I really was honored by your confidence in me by allowing me to serve as Drifter president this past year. I really was glad to make a contribution to the club.
We had a good time on our Drifter Thursday rides, our Saturday coffee and donut meets at Zion Harley, and of course our terrific Magleby’s Christmas Party.
Drifters were also fortunate to have some new people join our club this last year. They fit in right away and made friends easily. One has already volunteered to serve as Drifter
club photographer! Thanks, Lisa Green!  A goal I would like our club to set for 2023 is make a special effort to add more new members to the club. Many of our original people have moved away, have given up riding due to age or infirmities, and some are now riding their sleds in the sky.
Hard to believe but we WILL get some perfect spring motorcycle weather soon! Then the Drifters will get their motors running and head out on the highway lookin’ for adventure
and whatever comes our way