January 2023 Newsletter


December 1st –  Weather was great so Robert, Dean & Lisa, Don, Mike, Bill and I  Headed south through the gorge and onto beautiful downtown Overton Nevada. We had decided to dine at the CABLP restaurant but when we got there it wasn’t open!

Deja vue, seems like we’ve had this happen a lot lately  But then Don asked someone sweeping the back patio and as luck would have it we were just a little early. So we hung around for about five minutes until they opened. 

We decided that the next time we go to Overton we’ll eat at the La Fonda. This is the same restaurant that is now behind the Texaco station adjacent to Zion HD and it is very good.

Now here’s some trivia for those who don’t know about the CABLP restaurant. It is owned by Chris Angle, a rather famous magician from Las Vegas, and the name is an acronym for Chris Angle Breakfast Lunch Pizza

December 8th  – I was in Las Vegas for Cowboy Christmas and the NFR, cheering on our Utah cowboy Stetson Wright. So, I don’t have a clue if anyone rode.

 If you’ve never been to Cowboy Christmas you need to go at least once. 

December 15th –  The weather was cold but the real men and woman, Dean & Lisa, Tom, Don, and I, rode our bikes and the weather wimps Mike and Chris came in cages. But it was cold so we decided stay close. The decision, always a major task, was made to go to the La Fonda restaurant by Zion HD, not the one in Overton, for lunch. I don’t know what Tom ordered and I can’t believe he ate the whole thing, it was huge!  After an authentic Mexican lunch we went our separate ways and headed home.

December 22nd – Weather was good so Bill, Dan, Mike, Tell, Tom, and I rode down the gorge and old 91 to Mesquite. When we got to town we went to one of our all time favorites, the Cucina Italiana.  Actually we were just doing a dry run making sure it was OK for the Polar Bear Run lunch. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! After lunch we headed home. Most went home over old 91 and through Santa Clara. And I ripped back up the gorge in record time to the old homestead.

December 29th  – It was overcast, damp and really cold. But Bill, and Don showed up in their cages and the real men, Dean and I came on our Iron horses. As we stood around waiting for others Drifters to show up the temperature actually dropped a degree. So we decided to stay in town and opt for the alternate plan, lunch at Culver’s.  Shortly after arriving at the restaurant another wimpy cage rider, Chris, showed up.  As we were leaving, to head home, it started to sprinkle and by the time I hit I-15 it was a light rain.  I only had about 3 miles to get home but poor Dean had a 20 mile trip to home. Hope Dean arrived home mostly dry and not too frozen.

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out