August 2023 Newsletter

Drifter July ended with a nice dinner at our fav in Cedar Canyon, Rusty’s Steakhouse on UT 14.
We had a scare that the I15 would not be clear for our flatlanders run up to Rusty’s. 
There had been a terrible accident at exit 31 involving an SUV double towing a thirty to thirty-five foot house trailer plus a side by side on its own open single axle trailer. It must have got away from the driver as the SUV rolled and the house trailer ended up facing the wrong direction and the side by side was off its trailer and was laying on its side in the lanes. 
I was riding the I15 and came up on the wreck just after it happened and traffic was just starting to back up and all lanes except the far right were blocked. I was stuck at first but soon the UHP was there and started to let people through. Then came the ambulances and even firemen. This happened about 12 noon and it was still backed up four miles from exit 31 to the Toquerville exit 27 when I was returning southbound at 3:00 PM. 

Fortunately I15 was cleared and all lanes open for our cage trek to Rusty’s so no problems for
our determined Drifters. Regardless, when there is food involved, Drifters are not to be deterred!

I take this opportunity to remind Drifter riders that vehicles pulling trailers can be dangerous to be around especially at high speed. We all know we have to be wary around semi trucks as the
recap tires they run on the rear of the tractor and on the trailers can explode at speed and can 
send tire debris flying in our path. 
Also, previously disintegrated recaps can leave “gators” lying in the road for us to dodge.
These recap treads if hit can ruin your whole day!!!!!

Another thing to remember is that camping trailers, boat trailers and cargo trailers pose another problem. Often I see RV trailers running at 75 to 85 miles per hour on trailer only purpose tires designed for a top speed of 60 to 65.

It’s wise to not run along side these idiots the same as semis any longer than you have to.
Also the danger increases if the pilot of the rig doesn’t keep his tires inflated properly. If the pressure is too low the tires heat up and…..KABAMM!!!!!!!!

We have a few more weeks of good weather. If someone wants to plan an overnighter or multi-day Drifter club run let me or Steve Sarchett know. I’ve heard some interest out there.

We had a nice multi-day run to Cortez, Colorado to tour Durango and Silverton hosted by Mark and Dawn a while back and we are due for scorching up some more pavement in 2023!  

NEWSFLASH: We’re having a 3-day 2 night ride to Cottonwood, Sedona and Jerome AZ September 7 through 9. Check the events calendar or contact Mike or Dawn for more information!

Be Safe Out There!!!