April 2023 Newsletter


March proved to be another wet, cold, and crummy month for us bikers. Once in a while we would get a decent day to ride but planning ahead was difficult. President Steve did a good job keeping some semblance of order but we had a few rainouts.

The month of March ended on a sad note when it was announced that past Drifter Doug Crosby died from leukemia. Doug and his wife ,Carol, were living in Kanab and services were held last Friday in their hometown.

Doug was a star in the Drifters and everywhere he happened to be. Doug was a friendly, generous, person who would do anything for you. Doug retired as Chief of Police of Kanab after years of service in law enforcement and earlier in the military. He seemed to always have a smile on his face.

Doug loved to ride his Harley and had many happy miles under his belt. Doug requested that his service include as huge a gathering of motorcycles and police cars as possible to send him on his way to the hereafter. Tom Fabio led a group of Doug’s old friends to Kanab for the service. Some knew Doug well and some went to add their well wishes and their love of bikes so as to contribute to fulfilling one of Doug’s last requests.

After Doug’s services Drifters met at the new Mexican joint, La Fonda, located in the Coral Canyon Texaco across from Zion Harley. Dinner was at 6:00 PM. A drawing for twenty five dollars was won by Pam Cover! Dinner was delicious and the wait staff worked really hard to please us. We will be back.

April brings hopefully a chance for better weather and more Drifter rides. Some news highlights for the club is that our president, Steve Sarchett, has traded in his beautiful Yamaharley for a new Honda Neowing three wheeler trike! It has two wheels in front and one in back and can lean into the curves.

Our vice president, Chris Bandley, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the new National World War II Museum being erected in New Orleans. Congratulations Chris! Hope you will still be able to ride with us sometimes.