February 2024 Newsletter


Well that was a fun meeting, I really didn’t expect to walk in and volunteer like that, but when there’s a need and an ability to help, I try.

A little bio for those that don’t really know me:

Almost 64 years young, I’ve ridden all styles of 2, 3, & 4 wheelers for most of my life. I’ve only been on a bagger and cruising for about 10 years. This is the 1st MC club that I’ve been a member of. I have managed several Hockey teams over the years as my boys have grown, that would be my history of clubs.

I am still employed, my wife is president of a company that operates 35 and growing Del Tacos, I’m an Area Director for her for the Cedar City to Mesquite area. We have a home in South Jordan and one in Hurricane.

I would like to say that I really enjoyed the meeting this last Saturday, a lot of information was presented and a lot of old and new business was attended to, and some members remembered. A special thanks to our Ride Captain Dave for presenting a list of great safety tips and guidance for group riding. It’s really exciting to have him guiding us and doing all this planning, also thanks to Dave and Tammy for hosting the meeting and to all who brought food and drink. Gotta love pulled pork, BBQ, tasty salads, chips & dip, and would’ve loved the Chili Relleno had there been some left when I arrived. Guess I shouldn’t have been late. Oh, and cake is always good!

We are lucky to have members like Dawn, Lynne, Mike, and Dave who spend a lot of time making sure they communicate and keep track of all the club’s business and agendas. I hope to help them out where and when needed. A big thanks to Steve for everything he did for us the last couple of years, too bad the Elks have him so far under hoof.

I enjoyed some fun rides this last year (my 1st year) going along on a funeral ride with Chris and others early in the year (wow, it was cold). Riding to Paige, Caliente, Duck Creek, Mesquite, Enterprise, Pioche, Kanab and Kane beds. I managed to make a couple of dinners at Rusty’s, my wife was even in town for one.

I like to watch what is going on in our area, business and event wise, so I will try to help pass along motorcycle and other interesting events in our area and also short rides that might interest.

This July, my wife and I and some other friends and family will be attending our 2nd year at the Panguitch Old Skool motorcycle rally, July 11-14. We had a lot of fun last year going on rides and participating in the daily events. If you’re interested, we will be taking our motorhome and staying at a local campground in Panguitch, it might be fun to have a couple of group rides, and some campfire nights there. Let me know if you’re interested and I can send out more details.

Upcoming events:

2/3 – 10th annual Chilly Buns Run, Las Vegas

2/3 – Skyfest Hot Air Balloons, Sand Hollow

2/10 – Sweetheart Poker Run, Lake Havasu

2/16 – 2/18 – Lake Havasu Rockabilly 2024

2/16 – Vintage Bike Night, Las Vegas

3/5 – 3/9 – Mecum Motorcyle Show, Glendale AZ

3/8 – Iron Goddess Motorcycle Show, Las Vegas

3/8 – Phoenix Wounded Vet Run & Show

3/15 – Vintage Bike Night, Las Vegas

3/16 – Patriots MC Poker Run, St George

3/23-3/24 – Kilted ClassicDice Run, Golden Valley AZ

3/30 – Rock the Troops Poker Run, Las Vegas

3/30 – Pat Tillman Poker Run, Scottsdale AZ

I’m excited to get to know everyone even better as this riding season heats up. Please Invite friends and acquaintances to come on a ride and check us out. I have thought of a few people that I think would make a great fit for our club. 

Thanks everyone and safe riding.

Karl Thomson – VP Drifters MC