September 2022 Newsletter

August wrap-up from the “Prez”.

The first ride in August and 7 Drifters took off for Kanab via Cane Beds to 89 then back down 89. First we stopped at Adria’s  in Kanab. According to their web site they open at 0800 for breakfast but when we got there, there was a sign on the door “Opens at 6 PM for dinner”.

So Mike suggested Houston’s Trail. But when we got there they were closed and remodeling. Then John suggested Big Al’s Burgers, it was open but we all agreed that we wanted breakfast. So we went back to the Parry Lodge for their breakfast buffet. The buffet was $15.71, Mike shit his pants, but it was good and you could eat all you want.  Jack took off before breakfast to beat the heat home, so there was 6 Drifters headed home via Fredonia. Weather was great until we got back to Hurricane, then it got a little warm.

 Now, the second ride found many weather weenies, me included, terrified of get sprinkled on and so we didn’t ride.  However the braver Drifters Dean & Lisa, Don and Chris showed up and did a short 80 miles around Hurricane onto highway 7 to some good ole’ down home grub at the Cracker Barrel then on to home. 

But on Saturday, Chris, Mike, Vicky, and myself showed up at Pink Box, only to be greeted by a zillion people and long lines.  So on to Zion HD for a free doughnut and no lines.

Week three: Chris, Mike and I, decide not to ride to Caliente due to possible rain. Instead, we rode down the gorge to Mesquite.  We were going to Falcon Ridge, but as we got closer to Mesquite, it got darker and darker. So, we opted out for Peggy Sues and while at Peggy Sues it did rain, then all the lights briefly went out, but long enough that the cash register and card reader stopped working. CASH ONLY As the sky cleared and the streets dried, we decided to shoot back up the gorge.  And then about a mile up the road, it started to sprinkle, but not for long and we quickly dried out for the ride home. Just another great Drifter’s adventure.

Week four and we’re off again.  Five on bikes, two in cages with an eye to the sky rode off to Enterprise for some fine chow at “The Cafe”. A possible prospect was part of the group, yep it was Tell on his BMW.  Before we pulled out of the Texaco, Chris assured me that there was NO water in those clouds. Then what was it that I was wiping off of my face shield and why was I getting wet? Well it wasn’t too much rain and going 100 MPH you dry off quickly.  But we rode with a little rain, clouds, elevation and cool morning. I pulled over at Pine Valley so Lisa could add a sweat shirt to her riding gear. As we pulled into “The Cafe”  Dave and Lynn pulled in also, so we were 9 for breakfast. After breakfast Tell went over the mountain, the rest back the way we came. Then we stopped at the Veyo pie shop (the cages rolled on) and then we decide to check out he Veyo pool / resort. Chris opted out, so now it was just Mike, Dean, Lisa and me.

You drive in, park in the parking area, then walk down a very steep drive to the pool area.  The pool has been cleaned from the flood and looks good but,  we all had a bit of a problem with the $15 day pass charge. But then again we weren’t going to swim anyway. After that, we all split off going our own way home. And so ends another month in the life of the Drifters

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out