October 2022 Newsletter

September Wrap-up

It’s September and still hotter than hell! So we decided to ride fast up to Linsky’s in Kanarraville, have breakfast and get home.  3 bikes, a trike & 2 cages , 5 Drifters in all.

Now the second ride it was STILL hot so six Drifters rode up to our old stand by “The Cafe’”

In Enterprise. It was Lisa and Dean, Larry just back from Norway, Mike Bill and me. Hopefully the heat is about to break and next week will be cooler. It will probably be great because I’ll be in California.

The third Thursday I was in California and clueless so Mr Mike filled in the gape with his descriptive and eloquent prose;

On the third Thursday Drifter ride, September 15th, only two riders showed up, Chris and Don. They rode to Colorado City and had brunch at the new spectacular Bee’s market food court. Chris had an egg croissant and Don got adventurous and had a donut and coffee. 

They then returned to classy Brio Homes where they both live via Hurricane’s airport area and then around Sand Hollow Lake. After passing the new St. George airport they continued on the Southern Parkway (Rt. 7) until they reached the super slab (I15). They then braved the I15 north to the Green Springs Drive at Exit 10. From there it was a easy run north to Brio and their lavish estates.  We haven’t taken advantage of the good eats at Bee’s market food court since we aren’t used to going there. Bee’s has a good deli, a beer garden, deli sandwiches already made up, and other food as well. There is also good seating with an upstairs mezzanine with great views of the area through large picture windows. There is also an outside deck area if you prefer that. Since so many Drifters missed this ride we’ll plan another to Bee’s. You’ll not want to miss it!!!!!!

The last ride of the month 8 Drifters took off for Caliente NV, well sort of.  Eight took off but when we got to Enterprise Mark and Dawn had to return home for an appointment so they stayed in Enterprise and dined at The Cafe’. Now we’re 6 Drifters on to our next stop, Beryl.

At Beryl we lost Tom, he had to get home to an appointment but picked up Dave and Lynn. 

So now we’re 7 Drifters on to Caliente.   Going over the mountain pass on 319, the best part of the road, we got behind 2 truck and were held down to 40 / 55 mph the entire way until we hit the long straight just before 93. 119 miles and we’re in Caliente, had some chow at the Side Track restaurant, good food and good service.  All in all it was a great ride, long overdue, and the temperature was great. I was told that it got down to 64 going over one of the passes, and we didn’t have to take our jackets off until we got back to St George, if at all.    

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out