October 2021 Newsletter

Message from the President:

First of all let’s talk about safety, specifically, why we should wear a helmet. I know feeling the wind in your hair, if you have hair, is great. But you know what’s greater? Not turning your brain into mush. Here’s my helmet after I went down on our Thursday ride. This could have been my face and my head if it wasn’t for my helmet.  I love you helmet RIP!

Also listening to news on motorcycle accidents, it’s always the ones not wearing a helmet who end up with serious head injuries or dead.

Other news: Most of you have heard by now that we had an early Drifters Annual Meeting and have some new and some existing club officers. Enough said. Read the meeting minutes that were sent out to all members.

What else is happening? We’re getting long in the year and the weather is (or will be) changing. That, along with the construction on the I-15, will bring about a change in the place and times where we’ll meet for our Thursday rides. So stay tuned for new information coming your way. 

Speaking of our rides, we haven’t seen some of you for some time. So please plan to join us on Thursday rides or for our monthly dinner at the Black Bear. This month it’s Wednesday, October 20th at 6:00pm. Obviously, I won’t be riding for a few weeks, but looking forward to getting back on the horse. I’m already looking for a new ride, and will see you at the October dinner.

Be safe out there and keep the shiny side up

Drifters MC President