November 2022 Newsletter

October 6th Thursday Ride

It’s October and the  weather is great! So we decided to go for a longer ride up to Jacob Lake.  After leaving Fredonia the road was rather rough until we started up the mountain where there had been a major fire. Because of the fire they’ve repaved the road all the way to the Jacob Lake Inn and it was like glass. That’s when the devil got into me and I just had to crack it on. 

Who: Mark , Dawn, Mike, Lynn & Dave, Chris, Steve, Ron 

October 13th Thursday Ride 

The second ride was to the mountains to see the fall colors. Nine Drifters headed up 14 to 148 to 143 back down Mammoth Creek Road to Aunt Sues for lunch. After lunch we took 14 to 89 the back home through Zion park. 

Who: Mark & Dawn, Mike, Chris, Steve, Dave & Lynn, Robert &  Julia 

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out

October 20th Thursday Ride

Everyone must of had better offers because the only Drifters who showed up for the Drifter Thursday ride was Chris and Mike. Maybe because the temps have dropped and we haven’t changed the meet up time to later in the morning yet when it warms up a bit. 
Not to be deterred, Chris and Mike rode to the Main Street Cafe in Hurricane and scarfed breakfast. Mike ordered his favorite breakfast there, Lox and bagels with the usual cream cheese, tomato(some say ”tomawto”, Dan Quayle says”tomatoe”) and onion. Then they cruised route 7, the Southern Parkway, past Sand Hollow Reservoir,
and the St. George Airport to the I15. Since Chris and Mike both live in the Brio community they rode north on the super slab home.

October 27th  Thursday Ride

Chris is probably starting to worry if it is his breath or something! This week only Don shows up to ride with him! They decide to do the Sand Hollow Loop again and have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel across from  the  St. George Convention Center. They felt right at home there! Two biker crackers at the Cracker Barrel!  Again, Chris and Don belong to the “Brio Bunch” and rode home to their palatial estates together on I15.
Come on folks, get out that sled and come for a ride with your clubbies!!!!!! Help poor Chris!!!!! Help him to feel he will be able to cancel his enrollment in charm school!!! Help him to quit looking for cooties in his leathers! Help him from feeling he has to gargle at 70 mph to avoid running off his fellow Drifters during rides!!!!!

President Steve and Editor Mike