March 2022 Newsletter

Well, the first Thursday ride of February was a bust.  I woke up to 21 degrees, “cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey”.  Now, I’m not being a fowl mouth, that’s a nautical term, so look it up.  The high for the day was only 47 degrees at 1700 hours, not fun and not safe.

The next Thursday the 10th , was great weather. We had a good breakfast at Falcon Ridge and a great ride home over ole’ 91 and through Gunlock. On the 17th, we dined at Peggy Sue’s, food was OK, but the service was rather slow We did run into some old Drifters – Gregg and Donna Kapp. After lunch we decided to ride south and do the Bunkerville thingy. MISTAKE… they were working on I-15 and had one lane shout down, so it took 30 to 40 minutes to get to the exit.

But then again, maybe we had a biker’s angel riding with us! Because we were running late and Chris had to get home, we decided to take the gorge rather than old 91. So, as we’re headed home through the gorge we saw one cop car after another going south. Come to find out, there was a stand off and shots fired in Beaver Creek. If it wasn’t for the traffic delay, we would have been right there.

Well I could just reference my first paragraph. 

The last Thursday of February was a bust, I woke up to 23 degrees, “cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey.” Remember, it’s a nautical term.

Seventeen Drifters also attended the Valentine luncheon at the 1880 Grill in Mesquite. (See Mike’s write up.)

That’s the news for February. This coming Thursday looks great… lower 70’s and clear skies, so let’s ride!

The Prez