June 2021 Newsletter

From our President:

Having just returned from a two week ride with friends through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the joys of riding. We rode some fantastic roads, saw some gorgeous scenery, and experienced beautiful weather. There was some bad weather in Idaho that forced us to hole up in the hotel two nights in a row to wait for the storm to pass. And then again in Montana. We finally escaped Montana and the crappy weather like scared rabbits through a cold,  snow covered pass until we finally found decent weather again.

But what makes a ride like this truly enjoyable is sharing the experience with good friends. I’ve done many solo rides and I’ve enjoyed them immensely. But riding with friends is better. No one fully understands what you’ve experienced on a ride except the people that were there. You share the thrill of the road, the beauty of the landscape, and the adversity that usually accompanies a long ride. Bonds are built and strengthened, stories are written and then embellished, and memories and made and shared for years.

Many of my friends are a result of our common interest in motorcycling. I am grateful for this sport and blessings it brings me. I look forward to meeting new friends through motorcycling and sharing new experiences with them.

David Long