July 2022 Newsletter

June Wrap-UP

Short but sweet. The first Thursday in June found Don, Larry, Chris, and new John riding to Linsky’s for breakfast. Sorry I had to miss this one, I love breakfast at Linsky’s. After breakfast they rode home.

Second ride of the month. 8 Drifters meet at Gurus at 0800, rode to Enterprise for breakfast to the Cafe’.  DQ lead the pack, that kept me under control, as we headed up 18 in really great weather. New guy John, was there, Bill and his bride Judy, came in the Vet, prospect Vicky was with us and Tell joined the ride.  When we got to the Cafe’ Dave and Lynn showed up. In total we had 10 for breakfast.  All agreed that when it’s hot earlier is better. 

Breakfast was great and I learned new things about Dave. Dave use to be a dragster and competed at an old drag strip where the new airport is.  Also, there is an old resort / swimming hole  just south of Veyo, when in his youth Dave was caught skinny dipping! I now have a whole new respect for Dave. 

After breakfast we headed back down 18 to home. By the time we reached Pine Valley, at 1100 it was getting rather warm ,94. Glad to be back in my air-conditioned home having a cold beer.

Week three: Well the Lone Ranger did his thing! I rode to the Texaco for our 0930 ride but it came and went and I was all alone. Two drifter said that they were riding at 0700 to Enterprise, so I fired up my trusty stead and took off for Enterprise.  Riding like the wind I figured that I might catch them on their return trip.  Carving the curves and blasting down the straights I arrived at the The Cafe’  in record time. Having not seen anyone returning I thought they may still be having a leisurely breakfast. But alas no one was at The Cafe’.  So I spun around and blasted off again.   I hit one straight section at a reasonable speed when  about 40 feet in front me stood a large buck just off the road. With not enough time to stop, I backed off of the throttle and said a quick prayer that he wouldn’t run into the road.  I think I wet my pants but he stayed put and I whizzed on past.  At Veyo  I turned off to go through Gun lock then Santa Clara, stopped at Lamy’s for a great Mexican lunch, and then home.

Some tolerate the heat and some don’t but I think we need to come to a consensus on a reasonable start time during our hotter times.

Week Four: Seven Drifters roared out of the Texaco headed for Marv’s in Enterprise via Cedar City & highway 56.  Mike was leading when the devil got into Speedy (Tom) Gonzalez on I-15 as he broke loose and shot on up the road.  Then we had to pull off at Leeds, the face shield on Mike’s new helmet had come loose and needed to be reattached. Don was heating up, so he kept on moving north and rejoined us on the highway further up the road.  I pulled around in front of Mike and took the Black Ridge exit off 15.  Seen it on the map and always wanted to see where it goes. We waited for Don at the exit but never saw him again? Now we’re down to 5. 

The rest of the ride to Enterprise was non-eventful. Got to Marv’s and met up with Speedy again. We’re still 5, Bill went down to The Cafe’. Leaving Marv’s , mike went back over 56 so that left 4 riders headed home via 18. Speedy was in the lead now, so when we hit 18 we’re 3 and passing everything on the road. In St George the 3 split off each going their own way home.

Not much wind and the temperature was mild until we got back into town but still not bad.  

To finish June: Four Drifters and two new folks, Dean and Lisa,  met at the Texaco for the last ride of the month. So we were of to Kanarraville with Linski’s as our destination.  On the way up we took exit 36 , through Vern’s old stopping grounds.  After some chow we headed back to St George but took a detour up to the top of Kolob Canyon to soak in the grandeur of the red rocks and the cool weather. Then it was back home.   

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out