January 2022 Newsletter

From the President:

December – the month that wasn’t. All the Drifters turned into weather whinnies and stayed off of their bikes. The “Wind Chill Factor Chart” that I sent out must have scared all of us. But if I remember correctly seven Drifters rode up to Enterprise the first Thursday in December and it was great.

And we did gather to celebrate Christmas on the 11th with a great dinner at Magleby’s. Mr Roe did a great write up on our Christmas dinner so I don’t need to say anything else about that.

Thursday the 16th, was too cold for us whinnies to ride, so 6 of us showed up at Culver’s for lunch and a BS session. Thursday the 23rd looked like rain so we went back to Culver’s again, had told enough lies last week, so we had to take up where we left off. 

Well that’s a wrap for December, wishing you and yours A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And remember, Mike Roe is planning our New Years Day Polar Bear Ride to Los Lupes in Mesquite. It will be a lunch ride – since it’s a holiday as well as a Saturday, we do need to give the folks at Los Lupes a good headcount so we can all be seated together. 

So please give Mike a call at 435-669-2063 so he can confirm.

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out