February 2022 Newsletter

Well, January came and went but it wasn’t too bad. The weather was a little on the cool side but we did get a ride in every week. Per SOP (standard operating procedure) we rode south to Mesquite, had lunch, rode the Bunkerville loop sometimes, then came  home over old 91. 

On the 14th the Drifters (me & Mike) rode to Mesquite for the big car show. Where the hell were all the Drifters? After checking out all the cars, especially the rat rods, and that old Italian race car, we rode back to St George for lunch.

On the 20th Don’s son, Mike, was here from Colorado with his beautiful Harley, so Mike rode with us. I could tell that the ole’ men’s pace was a little slow for Mike, so when we hit 91 on the way home I decided to make it a little more fun for him. (Well, it was that or the devil just got into me.) So riding as hard as I dared, I took off with Mike on my tail all the way. Near the end I waved him by and off he went! The boy knows how to handle his bike! Mike is welcome back any time.

On the last ride of the month it was the Prez, the ole’ guy Mike, (as in the oldest member) Vice Prez Chris, and Bill in his cozy Vet. I guess it was too cold for the weather weenies! Well it was SOP except for a change in the restaurant. We had a delicious breakfast / lunch at the Falcon Ridge, then it was back home.

If you haven’t already, you can read Mike’s reports on the Polar Bear run, and our monthly dinner at the Black Bear. Don’t forget to let Mike know if you plan to go to the Valentine Day luncheon at the 1880 Grill in Mesquite.

Steve The Prez

P.S. you can do the Valentine lunch and still make it home for the Super Bowl, no excuses! My personal opinion is; never seen a Super Bowl that was anything other than just another football game.