May 2022 Newsletter

April News Wrap Up

New month, more rides, and improving weather. We rode to Enterprise up 18 and had lunch at The Cafe and rode back home on 18. That’s that, not much else to say except it was a marvelous s ride.

The second Thursday 7 Drifters were off to Mesquite over old 91. As we rode through Beaver Dam and under I-15 we could see that traffic going north was backed up for about 3 miles. So, after lunch at Falcon Ridge we made the wise decision to go back the same way we came. The weather and the ride were great. 

The third Thursday ride started out pretty good. The temperature was good and we even considered riding up to Duck Creek, but then there was talk about WIND. So we decided to ride north towards Cedar City, picking up 56 over to Enterprise. Mike rode by himself via 18 meeting us in Enterprise, something about the Beaver Dam police wanting to see him? Going north, my gas needle never moved off of the full mark, but then! As we turned west we were hit with a hurricane. So, from I-15 to Enterprise via 56 we fought a gusting side wind, dodged tumble weeds and blowing dust. After lunch we fought the wind home, but now it was on our nose and shifting as we rode over passes and through meadows. My conclusion – it was not fun!  

After some discussion, the last ride of the month saw 5 Drifters off to Cedar City for breakfast / lunch at the All American Dinner. As we were getting ready to leave, we ran into Dave and Lynn and had a short conversation with them, and promised to call the next time we’re up their way, so they can join in for lunch. After that, some went west and I went south. Wasn’t going to fight that wind again. After I got home, I emailed Mark and Chris for the dirty details of the ride on 56. Chris told me that the wind ripped his visor off of his helmet and Mark, being a man of few words, said “it sucked”. 

Well another fun but windy month for the Drifters but I‘ve heard from the weather gods that May is going to be great, so come join in.

And of course there was our monthly dinner at the Black Bear. It was the usual number of Drifters and spouses but a change in some faces. Larry and Pam returned after being AWOL since November 2020. But then there was a couple of regulars that were missing. The excuse was “I forgot”.   Well, I understand because I forget everything these days. So to help all of us out I’ll be sending out reminders before our May dinner.   

Until We Ride Again 

The Prez