December 2022 Newsletter

Wrap up from November

Nov 3rd  – Well I had just gotten back from “woke” Seattle I didn’t ride so I don’t have a clue. 

I can tell you about our wonderful time in Seattle. About being stuck in traffic for hours, about the rain everyday, about homeless camps and street people everywhere and about the $75 ticket I got for driving in a buss lane! But I won’t bore you with the details of our great North West adventure. I will share one thing; On the way there we hit snow at Pioche. Everything was covered in snow from there to Mt Home ID.  Going through the mountain passes I could only do 30 to 35 MPH but it was amazing to see the snow covered mountains with the sun rising on them. 

Nov 10th  Only four brave riders today. Where have all the drifters gone? But Don, Chis, Robert and I rode down I-15 through the virgin river gorge to Mesquite. We dined at Wolf Creek and then returned home via old 91.

Nov 17th  Well it was the 3 Musketeers  Don, Chris and I but we added two more to the group this week, Dean and Lisa joined us as well.  We rode the gorge to Mesquite, we graced Wolf Creek with our presence once more and after chowing down we headed south to Bunkerville through Scenic and back home via the gorge.

Nov 24th  No ride on Thanksgiving day just turkey and football. See Mike’s write-up on our gathering at the  Black Bear restaurant. 

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out