August 2022 Newsletter


The first Thursday in July, Tom, Don, Larry, Chris, Jerry, Dean, Lisa, and I took off for Aunt Sue’s in Duck Creek.  Tom’s been recovering from Covid so he left us at exit 51 and headed home via Enterprise. Slo Roe forgot to change his alarm to the new start time but caught up with us at a construction stop on 14.  Lots of road work on 14, probably going to be messed up all summer.  After chow, Don and Jerry went back 14 to Cedar City, to beat the heat going home. The rest headed down 14 to 89.  We stopped at Carmel Junction some for gas, some to empty their tank, and some for shopping. Then it was on through Zion and home. 

Note: got to love Utah in the summer time. When we hit the Markagunt Plateau at 9,900, feet the wind was blowing and I was shivering. When I got home it was 99, and I was sitting in a puddle of sweat! 

Second ride of the month: We rode north to Enterprise for breakfast at The Cafe’. We started out with six riders, then we picked up Tom in Veyo, when we got to The Cafe’, Dave and Lynn and Don and Dita were already there. So there were ten Drifters for breakfast. Fun to see everyone and a good ride 

Week three:  Chris, Mike and Bill showed up and we went to Enterprise for breakfast. It was a good ride and the conversation as always was great. The temperature on the ride was great, only got hot back in the valley. I m missed the ride as I was traveling up north to Ogden, Salt Lake & Springville. Rode the Nebo loop going north, stayed in Springville, ate at the Strap Tank Brewery, visited the Legends Museum, and got the T shirt (testing the route for the fall ride, more on that later)   

Another month comes to an end. Eleven Drifters showed up for our Thursday ride.  I was worried when I pulled into the parking lot at the Texaco, I saw Dean & Lisa’s bike with 4 cop cars in front of them. I thought damn, what did Dean do? But it wasn’t Dean, the police had a young boy who had stole a car and rolled it. Dad and Mom were there and not happy. KSU then we rode 9 up and onto 7 just past the airport stopping at the new Side Car Cafe’ for breakfast. FYI this is the same Side Car Cafe’ that is at the Legends Motorcycle Museum in Springville.  After breaking bread, we rode through The Gorge to the Beaver Dam Lodge on old 91. We stopped there and got in a long line to buy our winning tickets for the Billion dollar Mega Lottery. Then on to Gun Lock, Veyo and home. There was lots of mud and sand going through Gun Lock from our recent rains, but wasn’t too bad. We started out with 11 Drifters, left the restaurant with 7 and left Beaver Dam Lodge with 5, at the turn-off to Gun Lock we lost 2 more and at the end of the trail there were only 2 left. But, it was a good ride and the weather was great. It only got warm, not hot, as we got back into St George

See ya on the Road

Steve “The Prez” signing out