April 2022 Newsletter

March News Wrap Up

Five Thursdays in March so five times the fun? Let’s see.

Well, the first Thursday ride of March was great, sort of. Seven Drifters met at our regular place and decided to ride through Colorado City and Cane Beds to Mt Carmel Junction for lunch at the Thunderbird. Love that hot apple pie with the butter rum sauce. But, when we got to the Thunderbird it was closed! So we decided to ride through Zion to Jack’s Sports Grill in Springdale. Remember that there was snow in Zion not long ago, so the road through the park was covered with gravel!

Slow going through Zion. Got to Jack’s, where most of us had their Chili, good stuff. Then it was on to our homes as we separated along the way.

Then came the 2nd Thursday cursed by the Weather Gods. Cold and rainy was the forecast, so we decided to gather for lunch at Culver’s 

Then came the 3rd monthly ride, weather looks good, so we’re headed for Enterprise via Santa Clara, Gunlock and Veyo. But then, a deadly cold north wind picked up. We made it to Veyo, stopped at the gas station, where Chris added a heavier jacket and we held an ad hoc meeting to decide our next move.

The decision was made, we turned south, stopped at the Fish Rock Grille at Ledges for lunch, then on to home. But guess what? As we rode south, Mother Nature turned the winds again against us!

Our next ride… can’t say as I had son #2 and his bride from hell visiting, so I didn’t get to ride.

Last ride of the month and the weather gods were kinder. Six Drifters met and rode to Kanab via Fredonia. We had a great lunch at Escobar’s Mexican restaurant, then rode up to the Hancock road connecting to Cane Beds road. After that, we stopped in at Bee’s new store in Colorado City. Bee’s is like a Harmon’s, really nice, packed with everything.  (It’s a bit on the expensive side, and you can even eat there.) Then blew on home, literally! No matter which direction we turned, it was to our left or to our right, or right in front, and blowing hard. We even rode through a couple of dust devils and I got hit with a tumble weed once! But, it was still a great ride. Any ride is better than sitting at home.  

And of course, there was our monthly dinner at the Black Bear. If I remember correctly, which I usually can’t, I think there were 17 hungry riders and spouses in attendance, and we had a salute to Kay an old but not forgotten Drifter.  

Until We Ride Again

The Prez